Cloud Computing

Generally, cloud computing means workload and data are accessed on the internet. Coupled with the agility in provisioning


With the continuous growth in network and an increase in online usage, Network Security has become a demand from organizations


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is an all-encompassing approach to enable employees to use peripheral devices (such as mobile devices and tablets) to perform work-related tasks in a secure manner.

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Cloud Computing


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Mobility - With the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices, preventing unauthorised access to corporate applications and data on lost or stolen devices are of paramount importance to every IT team today. The mobile space is relatively new and yet moving at a pace so fast that IT admins can easily get overwhelmed if they don’t have an effective strategy to address the business’s mobile needs.


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Security - With the continuous growth in network and an increase in online usage, Network Security has become a demand from organizations to provide a immense in depth security, for all purposes. Because of this, security has now become a major concern today arena.

IT Security now has a defense in depth concept. An intentional attack may be launched from attackers outside or within the corporate environment. If the same persists, business confidential data will be compromised, resulting to financial loss, loss of business integrity, loss of company reputation and image, followed by loss of consumers.

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