Business continuity is the capability of your organisation to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident. ACTOVIS is here to assist and enhance your company’s IT business continuity and bring your disaster preparedness to the next level.

Actovisit Offerings

ACTOVIS has a long standing relationship with multiple partners who provide key technologies and solutions to establish business continuity to your company’s diverse and geographically distributed IT infrastructure.

With long-term partner, Veritas, ACTOVIS provides the necessary solution which taps on Info Scale Foundation, Storage and Availability. ACTOVIS enhanced and built greater robustness to many of our own Enterprise customers with the holistic offering of Info Scale Enterprise.

Thinking of data availability, ACTOVIS provides various solutions offering with Veritas Storage Management, EMC RecoverPoint and HDS Global Active Devices.

Need to replicate your SQL Database to a different location, within here or cross-border? Talk to us as we have helped our customers achieve this.


We support our customers with our extensive portfolio of system integration solutions to enable them to operate their business efficiently.

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