Middleware provides the enterprise integration platform and connectivity layer that joins multiple components together, which may include hardware, devices, applications, new and legacy systems, in a business’s digital transformation. Middleware plays an essential role in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, enabling business to make use of the interconnectivity to maximise IT efficiency, bringing about tangible business benefits.

ACTOVIS Offerings

As today’s enterprise are faced with the challenge of a fast changing business landscape, and with heterogeneous solutions from various vendors seeming to be confusing at times, ACTOVIS comes in as a one-stop system integrator to support the unique needs of each business with our strong expertise in finding the middleware and IoT solutions that are best suited to meet an organisation’s long-term and short-term goals.

We offer a wide range of middleware and IoT consultancy and implementation services to help IT and business leaders in their current digital strategy:

  • IBM and Oracle middleware platforms

  • Portal systems

  • Web content management system

  • Document management system

  • Enterprise search function

  • GIS map

  • Integration platform

  • Enterprise service bus

  • Custom developed web application

  • API management