Our clients believe in us because we strive to deliver innovation, value and exceptional service.

These are our beliefs. Beliefs that make us, and our service, just a little more special.


1. We are Trusted IT Advisor

We want every client to know that with ACTOVIS, their business is in good hands. We have a proven track record that stretches over 40 years, and our proposed solutions are workable, timely and can be implemented with minimal disruption to your business activities. We strive to deliver effective results and trustworthy service, always.

2. We Create Innovative,Business-driven Solutions

At ACTOVIS, we work closely with our clients to analyse their existing challenges. Only after we have an in-depth understanding of what our clients need, do we put together a customised suite of innovative, business-driven IT solutions that perfectly complement each client’s individual business and productivity needs.


3. We Strive Toward Unrivalled Technical Proficiency

We take pride in being ahead of the curve with our technical trends, knowledge and skills in various sectors such as finance, commerce and others. With this level of expertise, we are able to better help clients with business challenges, by implementing cutting-edge solutions.

4. We are a Strong Team in Australia and Beyond

The strength of our business, lies in our people. We have a dedicated, experienced team in Australia with industry veterans leading our management team. This is further enhanced with our strong network of big brand partners and excellent financial background.